We Return To Personal Responsibility When We Are Mature Enough To Do So

Taking personal responsibility for the injury one has caused and continues to cause is a huge issue among today's youth. Spoiled and unwilling to see their bad choices and how those choices have broken the hearts of those who love them most is simply something these young adults are unwilling to do...maybe even incapable. Understanding the truth of things and their role in it is not a priority for these young ones. Skewing the truth and playing the victim, which is the manipulation used, will not help one to fully mature. Finding others with the victim mentality (poor me - nobody loves me - nobody understands me - everyone hurts me - "I didn't do anything!") will not help the situation and only nurture more of the same. Victims attract other victims. Liars attract other liars. Thief's attract other thief's. Skewers of facts attract other skewers of fact because like attracts like - always - and so these young ones stay stuck in the same pain, aggressi…

Father's Day is Tough When Your Child Has Abandoned You

To all of the Fathers on this Father's Day who have been abandoned by their children...
I know that this is a challenging day for you. You did your best. You were there when your baby cried through the night. As they grew, you soothed scraped knees and later bruised egos. You sacrificed self-care, self-love, career furthering choices and relationships to get them to swim, soccer, baseball or cheer practice. You did your best. You continued to deeply love your child with your whole heart even when they pushed you away and withheld their love. You cried. You hurt. But you held onto hope that one day they would wake up and see you for who you are. A good and devoted Father.
You purchased your home close to your child after your divorce just so that you could be fully Present in your young child's life who you loved with your whole heart. Still your child pushed you away. Ignored you. Left you out. Did not include you. You did your best. Years go by and your child, now a young adult,…

You Are Your Own Oracle of Wisdom


The True Love Relationship. Wait for it!


The Days of the Guru and Teacher Are Over. The Days of Gnosis Have Arrived.

No matter our experience. No matter our age. No matter the good...the bad...and the very ugly that we have done during this life every single day is a New Beginning filled with a fresh approach to each choice we make and each decision is either an opportunity to Love and know our-self deeper or to abandon our hearts to the will and needs of others. 
The day has come when these choices must be made praying on our knees aloud with a clear declaration from our own heart that knows what is best for this life. God speaks directly in us - it is as simple as that.  The days of needing a teacher or Guru are long gone.  It just took some of us a while to get that. Why is the need for the teacher or Guru long gone?  Because there is nothing any person can give us that we cannot access directly and give to ourselves.  There is no class they can offer.  There is no Sunday Service for the Goddess that is our only way to Her.  There is no online webinar.  There is no channel they have that matters …

Connecting the Dots – A blog into self-discovery around my fear of illness in others.

I do my best to look at any challenging situation that presents itself as an opportunity to do my own personal work.  No matter what it is and no matter who is involved because I know, as you wise ones do, that in the end I have some internal work around the specific challenge that is asking to be looked at and that is why it is showing up.  And so this morning, in the midst of a bit of emotional chaos I am looking at it. 
Confession: I have never been great at dealing with illness in others.  I can hardly be around it without moving into a very loud internal dialogue around my “not wanting to get sick” and not wanting to be “too needed”.  It is as if I fear, on some deep level, that every type of illness is contagious and coming directly for me.  When someone that I care about is dealing with any illness something happens to me.  I bypass compassion all together and move right into something that is hard to even describe.   It is as if I jump out of my body and heart and move into …

Maybe There Is No Such Thing As Truly Being Adept

After many months of turmoil, my energy has finally and fully come home.
Deep in the night, while I had dreams of things that make no sense to my logical mind, all of the energy fragments that I had allowed to seep out and disperse across the globe and across my many relationships finally linked back into this body. And I feel a wholeness that borders indescribable. 
My energy fragments returned, as I was being transported up a channel within last night’s dream.In the dream, I drove a blue sports car straight up a vertical highway towards heaven – and when it reached heaven the process was complete. I woke up. I smiled.I fell back to blissful sleep. The journey complete...for now.
No matter how adept we believe ourselves to be there is and will always be more lessons and more experience unfolding.  Some of these will need to be repeated multiple times until they finally seep into the mind and heart through the small cracks in the ego wall.  But once they finally push through that wall, t…